Support and Help

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The SystemRED was designed to be a “user-friendly” system. We’ve implemented several functions to support you on investigating problems. For examples, the CPU checks the voltages, informs with beeps and text messages on the LCD about errors, writes a lot of debug information and shows them on the web-interface.

In the following sections, we gathered some common problems and frequently asked questions. Before you ask us anything specific you first should inspect the following lists. This will save a lot of time for both of us.

If you did not found your answer there, check our internal forum or other forums related to Blitzortung. org. The chance is high that you get your answer more quickly in a forum than by direct contact via email. You will also help others with similar problems, if you post in a forum. When sending your request by mail, don’t forget to attach a screenshot, picture or log output related to your problem.