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-====== Support and Help ====== 
-original source((Documentation System RED, chapter 7[[http://​en.blitzortung.org/​Compendium/​Documentations/​Documentation_2014-05-11_Red_PCB_10.4_PCB_12.3_PCB_13.1_PCB_14.1.pdf|Documentation System Red]])) 
-The SystemRED was designed to be a "​user-friendly"​ system. We’ve implemented several functions 
-to support you on investigating problems. For examples, the CPU checks the voltages, informs with 
-beeps and text messages on the LCD about errors, writes a lot of debug information and shows them 
-on the web-interface. 
-In the following sections, we gathered some common problems and frequently asked questions. 
-Before you ask us anything specific you first should inspect the following lists. This will save a lot of 
-time for both of us. 
-If you did not found your answer there, check our internal forum or other forums related to Blitzortung. 
-org. The chance is high that you get your answer more quickly in a forum than by direct 
-contact via email. You will also help others with similar problems, if you post in a forum. When 
-sending your request by mail, don’t forget to attach a screenshot, picture or log output related to your