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 ====== Special features ====== ====== Special features ======
-original source((Documentation System RED, chapter 5.6[[http://​en.blitzortung.org/​Compendium/​Documentations/​Documentation_2014-05-11_Red_PCB_10.4_PCB_12.3_PCB_13.1_PCB_14.1.pdf|Documentation System ​Red]]))+original source(([[http://​en.blitzortung.org/​Compendium/​Documentations/​Documentation_2014-05-11_Red_PCB_10.4_PCB_12.3_PCB_13.1_PCB_14.1.pdf|Documentation System ​RED]], chapter 5.6)) 
 +FIXME Mark the sections for RED/BLUE only. 
 +FIXME If there are BLUE only sections, add them. 
 ===== Actions and Alerts ===== ===== Actions and Alerts =====