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download folder of the firmware for RED and BLUE

Changes in Firmware for RED/BLUE controller. Not all changes/fixes are listed here.


9.2 (2018-12-31)

Firmware_9.2_BLUE.bin Firmware_9.2_RED.bin

  • new: added HTTP proxy option for remote control
  • new: rebooting via HTTP works now even when there's no memory left (..&action=do_reboot)
  • new: prepared for sending noise signals to server
  • new: debugging option for 1PPS counter
  • fix: lowered memory usage for remote control requests
  • due to space limitations, jquery and jqplot isn't included in firmware anymore and will be loaded from the web (RED)

9.1 (2018-08-08)

Firmware_9.1_BLUE.bin Firmware_BLUE_9.1-0-gc42b5cd_20180808_2112_3f46ad5ffce2d1839c1a2b2237522dc4.dfu Firmware_9.1_RED.bin

  • send some more status information about each signal to server
  • fix: sending control requests too often
  • fix: out of memory when sending too much channels to signal plot
  • fix: showed too high PCB version
  • switched to GCC ARM Embedded 7 2018 q2 toolchain

9.0 (2018-06-09)

Firmware_9.0_BLUE.bin Firmware_9.0_RED.bin

  • new: support of PCB 19.5
  • new: basic support of UBX message format for u-blox MAX-M8W GNSS module
  • fix: messages on status page disappeared after one second
  • fix: limit frequencies for hardware filter to ~300kHz
  • fix: init tracker settings after switching modes

9.0b1 (2018-05-13)

BETA release! Firmware_9.0b1_BLUE.bin Firmware_BLUE_9.0b1-0-g9d05184_20180513_1108_b7146be9891208a6e85d0675ef1da8e6.dfu Firmware_9.0b1_RED.bin Firmware_RED_9.0b1-0-g9d05184_20180513_1103_a6cef75ceff0e5f04221b23eaa1c7fdc.dfu

  • new: DSP for checking/filtering signals (not functional yet)
  • new: added option to correct the offset in the graph
  • new: option to send debug log to a syslog server IP address (UDP)
  • new: support of u-blox module MAX-M8W (GNSS/SBAS-settings and reset-commands not working yet)
  • improved(?) GNSS init process
  • removed debug code and improved data structures to reduce memory usage (RAM and firmware size)
  • lowered amount of data to reload status page
  • reduced stack size
  • fix: workaround for USB-VCOM not working on PCB 19.4 in case VBUS solder bridge is not closed (BLUE)
  • fix: don't update existing server IP with empty IP address “”
  • fix: remote setting of sample rate not working
  • fix: sending UDP packets to multiple servers
  • fix: no automatic gain changes for RED amplifiers in certain situation
  • fix: timer in debug log twice as fast than normal


8.4 (2018-01-17)

8.4b5 (2018-01-07)

BETA release! Firmware_8.4b5_BLUE.bin Firmware_8.4b5_RED.bin

  • new: added cpu info in status json file
  • fix: also read GNSS data from GNGSA message

8.4b4 (2018-01-06)

BETA release! Firmware_8.4b4_BLUE.bin Firmware_8.4b4_RED.bin

  • new: ability to send noise data to servers
  • new: logo animation (click to disable) ;-)
  • change: “00:00” isn't a valid reboot time any more (leave it disabled or use another random time)
  • improve: faster startup time
  • improve: amplitude filters with higher resolution (64 slots instead of 32)
  • fix: watchdog will be disabled in rare cases → enable watchdog periodically (again)
  • fix: missing last byte in compressed UDP packets
  • fix: buzzer ticks on every consecutive signals instead of every 20th
  • fix: don't apply user gain level in auto-adaption (i.e. on startup), just use them as max. allowed gain
  • fix: DHCP was not always assigned when “link up” condition was missing on startup due to race condition
  • fix: DHCP was not assigned when same static IP was used as fallback
  • fix: DHCP timeout due to disabled system timer for some seconds during startup
  • fix: voltage/PPS sampling resulted in unexpected behavior and hard faults due to developers stupidity
  • fix: don't display usless unknown GPS sentences
  • fix: auto refresh of status page did stop when controller ran out of memory
  • several minor fixes (debug messages etc.)
  • switched to GCC ARM Embedded 7 2017 q4 toolchain

8.4b3 (2017-12-06)

BETA release! Firmware_8.4b3_BLUE.bin Firmware_8.4b3_RED.bin

  • fix: static IP settings not working in last firmware

8.4b2 (2017-12-06)

BETA release! Firmware_8.4b2_BLUE.bin Firmware_8.4b2_RED.bin

  • flash “Fault LED” when signal couldn't be sent due to network or GPS error
  • improved and cleaned up DHCP and network stuff
  • show GALILEO satellites with “G” in overview
  • also show “Unsaved settings…” dialog on “Status” and “Signals” page
  • enabled some DHCP debugging (BLUE only)

8.4b1 (2017-12-03)

BETA release! Firmware_8.4b1_BLUE.bin Firmware_BLUE_8.4b1-0-gb80ae08_20171203_2232_90658fedb93d72a1e4654a06b482a760.dfu Firmware_8.4b1_RED.bin Firmware_RED_8.4b1-0-gb80ae08_20171203_2236_6a462296951d8410554ff4ecb0ae7bc1.dfu

  • new: added GLONASS support (experimental!) [BLUE]
  • changed to new logo
  • fix: correct hiding of “save to flash and reboot message”
  • improved: USB ↔ GPS module passthrough
  • upgraded lwip to version 2.0.x (needs testing!)

8.3 (2017-11-14)

Firmware_8.3_BLUE.bin Firmware_8.3_RED.bin

  • new: support of PCB 19.4
  • new: added experimental support for GALILEO (firmware update of GNSS-module needed) [BLUE]
  • new: GNSS data pass-through via USB (no fw update possible)
  • added some more checks for AD converters
  • fix: integer overflow of “bytes sent” values
  • fix: applied patch on lwip which fixes DHCP issues (untested)
  • switched to GCC ARM Embedded 6 2017 q2 toolchain

8.3b2 (2016-10-03)

BETA release! Firmware_8.3b2_BLUE.bin Firmware_8.3b2_RED.bin

  • slightly raised some network buffers
  • fix: crash when no crash occured before reset

8.3b1 (2016-10-03)

BETA release! Firmware_8.3b1_BLUE.bin Firmware_8.3b1_RED.bin

Firmware for BLUE has some additional debugging code in this version. A minor performace drop is possible. RED firmware is not affected due to size limitations.
  • new: browse last signals in signal view
  • new: button for entering DFU mode over web-interface
  • new: option for silent reboot on hardfault
  • new: send call stack on errors [BLUE]
  • change: automatic reboot just before firmware flashing
  • fix: added correct text to button description in “guide” [BLUE]
  • fix: removed memory leak in signal view javascript
  • fix: repaired anti-ADC-watchdog-lock-watchdog from FW 8.2
  • fix: HTTP-client sometimes used wrong port number to connect
  • fix: wrong MD5 checksum of firmware when flashed external
  • switched to GCC ARM Embedded 5.4 2016q3 toolchain

8.2 (2016-09-28)

Firmware_8.2_BLUE.bin Firmware_8.2_RED.bin

  • fix: reset ADC watchdog interrupt when watchdog-flag is set for two seconds
  • fix: out of memory when sending to more than one region
  • fix: memory allocation errors related to network stack

8.1 (2016-09-23)

Firmware_8.1_BLUE.bin Firmware_BLUE_8.1.dfu Firmware_8.1_RED.bin

  • fix: improvements for hard fault crashes and some more debug information
  • fix: workaround/test for possible crashes on some specific stations

8.1b1 (2016-08-29)

BETA release! Firmware_8.1b1_BLUE.bin Firmware_8.1b1_RED.bin

  • fix: restart ADC-watchdog after offset refresh

8.0 (2016-08-24)

Firmware_8.0_BLUE.bin Firmware_8.0_RED.bin

  • support for PCB 19.3
  • additional remote debug information in specific hard fault situations
  • refresh offset error more often
  • fix: ignoring GPS messages from QZSS satellite
  • fix: port number was ignored for http-requests
  • fix: firmware upload under linux failed due to timeouts
  • fix: use helvetia as fallback for arial on web-interface
  • fix: hide analogue user input when not available [BLUE]
  • fix: sometimes no restart or crash after firmware update

8.0b5 (2016-06-08)

BETA release! Firmware_8.0b5_BLUE.bin Firmware_8.0b5_RED.bin

  • filter settings visible when solder bridge J0 closed [BLUE]
  • description for input selection instead of input numbers [BLUE]
  • sending information about inputs and filters to computing server [BLUE]
  • minor changes in server urls for remote config
  • lowered max opened and listening tcp connection
  • factory settings/debug mode with BOOT1 button: press and hold for 2s/10s just after reset [BLUE]
  • fix: raised stack memory size and added collision check
  • fix: network LED stayed off after blinking, even when status is good [BLUE]
  • fix (maybe): threshold/signal detection stopped after some when time in manual mode w/o noise adaption
  • fix: minor issue that click on Firmware Update button had no effect
  • switched to GCC ARM Embedded 5.3 2016q1 toolchain

8.0b4 (2016-04-05)

BETA release! Firmware_8.0b4_BLUE.bin

  • re-added debug output via USB connector [BLUE]
  • blue LED now blinks every second to show good GPS [BLUE]
  • static gain information of onboard amps modified (not the final value) [BLUE]
  • fix: no sampling after startup in case all thresholds are default values (120mV) [BLUE]

8.0b3 (2016-04-03)

BETA release! Firmware_8.0b3_BLUE.bin Firmware_8.0b3_RED.bin

  • final changes regarding PCB 19.1 [BLUE]
  • try to test whether on-board amplifier is “connected” by raising gains to maximum [BLUE/dev]
  • less CPU usage when playing signals through buzzer
  • not so much beeping on GPS error
  • fix: disabling LEDs by LCD sleep resulted in broken LCD and amplifier1 communication [RED] or other disabled pins [BLUE/dev]
  • fix: after firmware flash update procedure, the reset was broken
  • fix: infinitife loop in rare cases due to non-initialized debug UART DMA
  • fix: button has to be released after reset to factory settings to prevent too much writes to flash on boards without button
  • fix: display stays dark with factory settings [RED]
  • fix: network performance problems with on board MAC due to DMA buffer underflow handling [dev]

Not fixed yet: Loosing amplifiers (RED only so far) and sudden reboots.

8.0b2 (2016-02-14)

BETA release! Firmware_8.0b2_RED.bin

  • added basic signal wave generator for testing amplifier [BLUE]
  • improved sampling of external voltages/1pps and added more channel(s)
  • show only usable channels on amplifier to buzzer output
  • no more automatic reboot at 00:00 by default
  • added possibility to completely disable amplifier channel
  • changed behaviour of LEDs [BLUE]
  • enabled button [BLUE/dev]
  • added more channels colors to the LCD display [dev]
  • manual change of link speed (not working yet) [dev]
  • use interrupt instead of polling for Ethernet [dev]
  • fix: don't show username to guests
  • fix: sometimes corrupted data due to encoding
  • fix: transmitted non-encoded data with wrong channel number
  • fix: calculated sample rate had minor deviations
  • fix: amplifier sometimes doesn't get recognized after reconnect
  • fix: static IPs not working / sometimes crash when releasing DHCP
  • fix: some memory allocation bugs
  • fix: wrong ADC ↔ amplifier channel assignment / restart ADC in case of failure
  • fix: handle ADC overrun condition
  • switched to GCC ARM Embedded 5.2 2015q4 toolchain (→ smaller firmware size)

–> reached over 40000 lines of own code - aaargh… :-/

8.0b1 (2016-01-24)

BETA release! Firmware_8.0b1_RED.bin

Due to minor changes in the settings structure, some (or all) settings have been set to defaults. Please check your configuration!
System RED and BLUE share the same code base. If there are specific changes for just one system, then it will be noted in the changelog entry.
  • new: added support of BLUE final and development PCBs, which includes:
  1. MEDIATEK MT3333 GPS chipset
  2. gain and input changes of op amps through SPI
  3. clock output for low pass filter ICs
  4. more LEDs
  5. STM32F42x CPU-Line [dev]
  6. Ethernet through integrated MAC [dev]
  7. ILI9341 TFT display [dev]
  8. Reading touch screen values through STM32 ADCs [dev]
  • new: direct adjusting sampling frequency through timer
  • new: compression of UDP packets (lzfx)
  • new: delta encoding of channel
  • new: non-lossless encoding of channel data by cutting out noise
  • new favicon depending on system
  • fix: uploading firmware fails occacionally
  • improvement: lots of general changes “under the hood”
  • improvement: minor style changes in the signal graph
  • lots of bugfixes


7.4 (2014-08-17)


  • minified css/js files
  • fix: IE gets confused by .gz file ending –> use normal file ending

7.3 (2014-08-16)


  • added information about current mode and some color to the status page

7.3b1 (2014-08-09)

BETA release! Firmware_7.3b1_RED.bin

  • GPS: added availability value in web interface
  • NET: added MTU config option
  • change outgoing UDP port every 5 minutes
  • changed Google Maps link to “.com”
  • fix: prevent sending accidentaly triggered signals
  • fix: small bug in action numbering
  • fix: lower browser memory usage for status page

7.2 (2014-07-13)


  • TOA-ALERTS: general improvements
  • fix: problem with remote control of filter

7.1 (2014-07-04)


  • TOA-ALERTS: general improvements
  • fix: memory leak in action URL call

7.0 (2014-06-29)


  • show hint when amp 12 is on input 2 or amp 13 is on input 1
  • AS3935: minor fixes, automatic calibraton checks
  • fix: filter and adaption disable option per channel couldn't be disabled
  • fix: possible memory leak in actions
  • fix: remote control messages

7.0b5 (2014-05-18)

BETA release! Firmware_7.0b5_RED.bin

  • fix: auto gain adjustment sometimes stalled
  • AS3935: several minor changes in error handling

7.0b4 (2014-05-11)

BETA release! Firmware_7.0b4_RED.bin

  • AS3935: raised IRQ level
  • improvments regarding remote control

7.0b3 (2014-04-23)

BETA release! Firmware_7.0b3_RED.bin

  • NEW: sampling of 5V power supply with rate of 8.5MSps
  • raised thresholds for auto amplitude filters a lot to prevent loosing too much signals
  • fix: no more mysterious gain changes (introduced in 7.0b1)
  • fix: raised max. length of action URL again

7.0b2 (2014-04-20)

BETA release! Firmware_7.0b2_RED.bin

  • added filter debug checkbox
  • show filters for each channel in signal view
  • reset network hardware if remote config connection fails too often
  • fix: urlencode strings in user URLs
  • fix: load user gains/threshold on disabling auto adapt feature

7.0b1 (2014-04-18)

BETA release! Firmware_7.0b1_RED.bin

  • NEW: Filter by occurence of max. amplitudes in signals
  • NEW: LEDs can be switched off when LCD dimmed
  • improved support for new E-field amplifier
  • improvements in some other filters
  • noise adaption can be disabled for single channels
  • some improvents in noise adaption
  • force lower gain, if to high/low voltage (noise) affects ADC accuracy
  • support manufacturer GNS as GPS device
  • fix: GPS data sync bug
  • fix: raised max. length of URL
  • fix: noise adaption stuck in gain 2*2
  • fix: minor LCD distortions
  • switched to GCC ARM Embedded 4.8 2014q1 toolchain


6.8 (2014-03-13)


  • AS3935: added URL parameters: strokes_all, disturbers_all, events
  • minor changes in communication with amplifier
  • fix: memory leak when too much HTTP ressources needed
  • fix: enabling potentiometer through LCD working again

6.7 (2014-03-02)


  • WEB: responsive design for smartphones (beta!)
  • WEB: added station id in head - click to show it in the title
  • removed antenna selection and information
  • raised some network resources and lowered memory consumption
  • fix: connection issues with HTTP control in combination with some routers/firewalls (thx to Don)
  • fix: noise adaptation not working when threshold is zero (in automatic mode)
  • fix: plot and satellite not showing just after firmware update
  • fix: clarified the “Pending…” message after firmware upload and auto refresh of the page
  • fix: no more log out after firmware upload when auth is enabled

6.6 (2014-02-20)


  • WEB: show link to changelog when new FW available
  • WEB: show NTP request count
  • WEB: some style changes
  • WEB: seconds converted to days/hours/minutes
  • no-connection reboot/timeout set to 2 hours
  • fix: web alert sounds
  • fix: memory curruption on boot caused by alert settings
  • fix: stack curruption due to AS3935 actions (!)
  • fix: ADC hangs on re-init

6.5 (2014-02-16)


Firmware update via web-interface had some strange bugs in 6.3/6.4 ! Chance is high, that it won't work. If upload fails (you won't see a warning message), then you must save your settings again. Otherwise they are lost on the next reboot!
  • NEW: StratumOne NTP time-server (not as accurate as similar products due to hardware restrictions)
  • ALERTS: settings always visible, even when server is not capable for it
  • AS3935: Tune capacitor value can be manually adjusted
  • ACTIONS: more parameters added to the URL depending on calling peripheral
  • ACTIONS: can be called by URL now
  • ACTIONS: added status on main page
  • WEB/ACTIONS: alert sounds through browser on action (toggle by clicking on name in status, saved in a cookie)
  • WEB: changed method of loading javascripts (one big file instead of several small ones)
  • WEB: menu instead of dropdown-box on settings page
  • fix: no more gain changes by noise adaptation when amplifier potentiometer is enabled
  • fix: hardened web-based firmware update, so that it retries on flash write error (and does not stop as it was before)

6.4 (2014-01-22)


  • new map of GPS satellite constellation
  • fix for fix for problems with negative smoothed GPS coordinates after boot (sorry again)
  • other minor fixes

6.3 (2014-01-20)


  • some changes on auto noise adaptation
  • fix: web-interface firmware update repaired and implemented some function to warn developer when not working ;-)
  • fix: problems with negative smoothed GPS coordinates after boot (sorry region 2+3)

6.2 (2014-01-19)


  • improved auto adapt to noise level adjustment (shared channel support, remote configurable)
  • I2C: frequency can be changed
  • fix: don't display “STR” when no alerts are enabled and AS3935 is not present
  • fix: auto-config stays in interference mode when noise level was too high
  • fix: minor signal display issues

6.1 (2014-01-12)


  • NEW: automatic gain/threshold ↔ noise level adjustment (very beta!)
  • WEB: minor improvments on signal view
  • WEB: message when firmware update check fails
  • LOG: Enable USB-Virtual-COM-Port when pressing blue button before booting
  • SYS: faster boot, but show boot screen for some seconds
  • AS3935: don't create new event when no lightning has been detected
  • fix: on multiple alert events, call action with highest priority only (for TOA and AS3935)
  • fix: bug, which caused too high CPU usage
  • fix: wait some time before reset GPS smoothing
  • fix: memory leak in webserver

6.0 (2014-01-05)


Due to minor changes in the settings structure, some settings have been set to defaults. Please check your configuration or reset them to defaults.

Major changes and improvements

  • NEW: ACTIONS and lightning ALERTS - individual combinations of TOA-lightning, AS3935, I/Os and buzzer sounds :-)
  • WEB: open parts of webpages in a separate popup window
  • WEB: live plot with received/sent signals on status page
  • TRACKER: filter out spikes caused by digital signals the controller hardware (lower thresholds possible)
  • TRACKER: record noise level of 10 times per second (can be displayed in signal view)
  • TRACKER: prevent overlap of two consecutive signals (up to 50% overlapping before)
  • ADC: Alternate channel mapping when two amps connected: use same threshold for whole amplifier instead of same channel of both amplifiers
  • LOG: Option to use micro-USB-jack as virtual COM-port to see debug output (very beta!)
  • AS3935: nicer display of events in web-interface

Minor changes, improvments and fixes

  • WEB: signal rate in title
  • WEB: using dynamic memory for webpage contents
  • WEB: slightly darker fonts on the web-interface
  • WEB: improved data transmission signal view: can now be used on more than one device at the same time
  • WEB: thresholds in graph
  • AMP: Option for a channel, so that it won't be transmitted to servers (for experiments)
  • SYS: Option to reboot once per day at given time
  • SYS: Option for CPU sleep mode, which saves up to 40mA@3V (CPU usage calculation doesn't work with it)
  • SYS: Option for voltage check toggle, for those who have problems here
  • SYS: Option for flash prefetch toggle, which eliminating some (very low) noise in ADCs
  • SYS: Check whether uploaded FW is equal to running firmware
  • LCD: Option to disable LCD page looping: page will stay on user selected one (and return there after an event)
  • BUZZER: different way of playing sounds (unfortunately deep beep is not as loud as before)
  • LOG: introduced console-commands: r=reboot, m=free dynamic mem, s=show memory content
  • LOG: logging debug output via UDP (like good old tracker XT; enabled by server)
  • GPS: smooth values stay after reset (using backup SRAM)
  • GPS: faster availability of GPS after reboot
  • AS3935: sending events to server via remote config
  • AS3935: auto noise floor adjustemnt
  • USER-I/O: added high-impedance output option
  • NET: (maybe bugfix) reset network when no ingoing packet for some time
  • fix: don't touch USER-I/O when not enabled (may solve issue with buzzer)
  • fix: several bugs on AS3935 and USER-I/O functions
  • switched to GCC ARM Embedded 4.8 2013q4 toolchain (→ smaller binary on the same optimization level)


5.0 (2013-12-01)


  • NEW: 1PPS-sampling with 8.4MSps to check timings and 1PPS quality
  • NEW: Live status display in web-interface
  • NEW: Possibility to connect AS3935 lightning sensor via I2C (experts only)
  • NEW: I/Os for own purposes (experts only !!!)
  • minor changes in networking
  • supports PCB-Id 2 (10.4)
  • minor layout changes
  • fix: reset ENC28J60 on error and no more ENC28J60 interrupt on error (fixes high CPU usage)
  • fix: signal page timeout detection on refresh
  • fix: some values on http remote config weren't updated


4.5 (2013-10-06)


  • reboot when no http-connection or no valid information got over remote config
  • improved GPS smoothing behavior and lowered tolerance
  • LCD can be rotated by 180 degrees
  • fix: memory not freed when control connection could not be established
  • fix: some more memory leaks closed
  • fix: no more init loops for non Mediatek GPS modules
  • fix: DHCP renew works now
  • fix: blue LED forgets blinking on some 1PPS pulses
  • updated to GCC ARM Embedded 4.7 2013q3 toolchain

4.4 (2013-09-15)


  • buzzer signal output settings can be saved to flash now
  • GPS individual command text field
  • GPS PA6H init enables AIC and disables EASY (see PA6H datasheet for more info)
  • signal view: settings saved in cookies
  • fix: don't show valid uploaded firmware when it's no more available in flash

4.3 (2013-09-12)


  • volume changes for signal pass-through
  • fix: controller-id scrambled on LCD on station setup
  • fix: faster update of signal times in LCD

4.2 (2013-09-12)


  • fix: firmware upload works now in Chrome
  • fix: GPS improvements, EM406 should work now

4.1 (2013-09-10)


  • Amplifier → Buzzer output improved! Hear stroke discharges during normal operation :-)
  • CPU-Load estimation
  • Show save-button when unsaved settings exist
  • LCD boot image
  • added a small guide in under “About”
  • several small improvements and bugfixes

4.0 (2013-09-03)


  • NEW: Firmware-Update with browser
  • NEW: LCD-Driver by Roland (some fine-tuning needed)
  • NEW: filter signals on too high amplitudes (currently only via remote config)
  • show info when settings are not saved
  • show warning when javascript disabled
  • check auth also for debug log and signal data requests
  • fix: DHCP retry when failed
  • fix: could not save settings on first start
New settings storage position. Settings will be reset to default values after update!


3.3 (2013-08-26)


  • reboot after 2 hours when not getting any connection
  • fix: could not save LCD contrast/backlight
  • fix: smoothing wrong GPS values when running >1day

3.2 (2013-08-23)


  • averaging and beep on signal page
  • fix: live signal stopped working after some seconds on non-Firefox browsers
  • fix: DHCP and Network timeout beavior
  • fix: Potentiometer setting not working
  • fix: Wrong samplerate in graph
  • fix: Antenna not shown to guest

3.1 (2013-08-18)


  • fix: LCD not working with factory settings
  • fix: Logout on maximize
  • fix: wrong reset value was sent

3.0 (2013-08-18)


  • NEW: more info and options on the signal page
  • NEW: live message log window (see tools)
  • added header for IE10 (press Alt+S if it's still not working)
  • fixed backlight=0% could not be saved
  • fixed (maybe) some hard fault conditions
  • fixed sudden disconnect on changing network settings


2.5 (2013-08-05)


  • sending program counter to server after hardfault reset
  • LCD brightness 100% on reset
  • fixed buffer overflow on parsing antenna string from server

2.4 (2013-08-04)


  • check position accuracy on smoothing
  • fixed wrong visibility of gain settings

2.3 (2013-08-03)


  • added debug output on hardfault (serial+LCD)
  • enable antenna status for PA6H with newer firmware
  • signal page works now with resolution != 12bit
  • disable LCD backlight PWM on 100% brightness
  • Change amplifier LEDs remotely
  • fixed crash in http client
  • fixed crash on wrong pcb-id
  • fixed threshold value display

2.2 (2013-07-27)


  • added expire header for IE
  • added warm start tool for GPS
  • added trigger statistics for channels
  • GPS startup timeout increased to 300s
  • GPS firmware requests improved + support for SiRF (untested)
  • possibility to add small help buttins on the web interface
  • even more interference mode improvements
  • fixed crash/reboot on high signal rate (network stall)
  • fixed LED bootup sequence indicator (for debug purposes)
  • fixed missing new line in remote request
  • fixed LCD refresh
  • fixed broken station control POST request

2.1 (2013-07-23)


  • Better handling of interference mode: instead of switching on-off-on-off… it stays in interference mode for a while
  • Adjust buzzer beep on interference mode delay
  • Webserver port can be changed
  • info about station-id/user-id on LCD
  • GPS tools for your module
  • GPS position smoothing
  • fixed some remote-control bugs
  • fixed signal view not updating in IE

2.0 (2013-07-14)


  • Initial release for all participants