Housing option

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The housing option consists of the following parts.

count part
1 aluminum enclosure
1 front panel
1 back panel
1 rocker switch
8 screw M3 10mm
4 rubber feet
3 LED red
2 LED green
1 LED yellow
1 LED blue

The housing is made for boards of size 130.0 mm x 140.0 mm. The main board PCB 19 has the dimension 130.0 mm x 138.5 mm. It is slightly shorter than the housing. The LEDs on the front panel are soldered with an angle of 90 degrees. The overlapping edge of the LED housing closes the gap between the board and the front panel. In this construction, the LED can not be crushed by pressure from outside at the front panel. That’s the reason for the difference in size between the housing and the main board.

The threads at the corners in the aluminium housing are drilled by machine. Possibly protruding metal chips must be removed with a screwdriver or a wooden stik, otherwise there may be fall onto the board. Do not use your finger to clean the threads.

The connecting wires of the LEDs can easily be bend 90 degrees using the front panel that has a width of 2 mm. On the main board there are white stars printed near the LEDs. In these holes the short ends of the wires have to be inserted. This is the cathode (-) of the diodes.

At the back panel, the rocker switch can be inserted to turn the power on and off. It has to be connected to pin 5 and 6 of S1 (19.1/19.2/19.3) or at the power jumper (19.4).

The rubber feeds can be stuck under the housing

From version 19.4 a pole terminal for connecting ground is included. The layout of the back panel has also changed. The ethernet controller was placed a little bit more away from the amplifiers. The Ethernet socket has been swapped with the GPS socket.