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Date Changes
2013-10-05 Added: 5.3 Interference Mode, 5.1.2 DFU Method, 5.1.3 Flash through the web-interface, 5.2 User interfaces, 5.2.1 Web-Interface, 5.6.4 Analogue user input, 5.2.6 Debug Logging, 5.4 GPS, 5.5 General mode of operation, 5.5.1 About the firmware, 5.5.2 Flash and settings, 5.5.3 Start-up Sequence, 5.5.4 Real-Time-Clock, 5.5.5 Watchdogs, 5.5.6 Server connections, 5.5.7 Detecting signals, 6 Differences to the old hardware, 7 Support and Help, 8 Appendix, Changed: 5.2.2 LEDs, 5.2.3 Buttons, 5.2.5 Buzzer
2013-12-12 Clarified 5.6.4 Analogue user input, Added: 1 Introduction, 2 Participating, 3 Lightning detection and locating, References, Glossary
2014-01-01 4.5 Assembling advice: Clarified diode/LED assembly
2014-02-23 Added: 5.6.1 Actions and Alerts, 5.6.2 AS3935 Franklin Lightning Sensor, 5.6.3 User I/Os, Changed: 5.2.6 Debug Logging, Removed: Win8 driver install
2014-05-04 Added: 4.2.2 Amplifier 13, 4.2.3 Pre-Amplifier 14

Table 10: Change log of this documentation