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The hardware needed to participate to the network consists of an antenna system, a VLF amplifier, a controller board and a GPS receiver providing an 1PPS (one-pulse-per-second) signal. Interested people can get the needed parts from us. You should only order some hardware from us if you really have enough time to assemble a lightning detector. Note that we improve the PCBss from time to time. Most parts of the hardware are standard components, only the PCBs are made by us. Please do not try to make these PCBs by yourself. Do not make any changes on the parts on the PCBs, especially on the amplifier.

It is essential for a TOA lightning locating network that all participating stations behave exactly the in the same way. If not and if the main computing servers don't know about allowed changes, the computing accuracy will drop!

Possible Problems

We cannot guarantee, that the system will work at your location. Several electrical devices can disturb the system, like power supplies, computers, energy saving lamps, CRT monitors/TVs etc. In some cases the parameters of stations with lots of interference have to be set to non-optimal values to work. For example, the boundary wire for robotic lawn mowers or big power lines with maximum voltage produce very heavy interference. But don’t worry, all stations will be accepted as long as it detects only a couple of strokes. It is no problem when a station doesn’t send data for some time each day due to interference or other circumstances.

Figure 1: A complete starter kit