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General information

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Preamplifiers are now so good that large antennas are not necessary. Eg. the H-Field pre-amplifier has differential inputs and electrical common mode signals now have much less influence. Moreover, the amplifier has a gain of 10 times.

(However, the impedance matching to the input of the reduces the gain by 50% but provides excellent matching to the transmission cable and Controller input)

Connection to H-Field preamplifier

The preamplifier is supplied with an input impedance of 2k - which suits ferrite antennas and antennas with transformer coupling.

Other antennas connected with 75 Ohm –must use the solder bridges on the back side of the PCB.

Coax cable and "coax cable"

For loops without transformer you can use the cheap sat-cable with copper-plated iron wire.

Loop antennas with a transformer, must use coax with pure copper and heavy shielding i.e. (75 Ohm 8mm cable as used for radio and TV-set for decades.)

No antennas must be grounded at the antenna.

It may be a good idea to ground the Controller.

One or more antennas

Your receiver works fine with either an H-Field or an E-Field antenna. Both types have their advantages and disadvantages. You can easily start with one of them, and then install the other later, or settle for one.