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 System BLUE: 3-4 turn, square 100cm ~ Area = 3-4m² System BLUE: 3-4 turn, square 100cm ~ Area = 3-4m²
 +Use two vertical loops at 90 degrees or three vertical loops at 60 degrees. The yellow horizontal loop in the left picture is no longer recommended. 
 +Comment from Egon on vertical antennas: //We have implemented three H-field channels to make experiments. Initially, in addition to the two horizontal antennas offset by 90 degrees, we connected a third vertical H-field antenna. We wanted to know if this results into better reception characteristics. This has not been confirmed. The interference signals at the vertical channel are much stronger than the lightning signals. So it makes no sense to position a third vertical antenna in addition to the two horizontal antennas. The detector would work almost permanently in interference mode. If you want to use the third channel, then please also use it as a horizontal channel, for example, with three antennas offset by 60 degrees, or to make experiments.//​
 ===== Multi Turn ===== ===== Multi Turn =====